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white bloomy smeerkees (original flavour)

€ 6,00

The white smeerkees* mouldy yaaas is based on cashews. These are blended and fermented for about 5 weeks with authentic cultures and moulds. This way you get a wonderfully creamy, layered flavour throughout the entire yaaas. Delicious, but even better on a cheese board, on a sandwich or a cracker. Bonus points if you use it on a pasta. Or a pizza...


This yaaas has a bottom-of-your-fridge life of about 14 days. Yes, really, please do keep it in the salad drawer (if there's still place next to your grass) because that's the coolest place. Oh and please refrain from freezing it. It's named something other than Elsa for a reason. The yaaas weighs about 140 grams.

*We'll spare you the Google search here. The word smeerkees is a pun on the Dutch name for spreadable cheese - smeerkaas. It works because a smeerkees is a filthy person in the sense that this cutie is filthy. Or a child covered in ice cream is. Not in whatever way Google is trying to tell you this yaaas is a pervert, you feel me?