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French smeerkees with garlic and fine herbs

€ 6,00

This is a posh one, ok. It is quite spoiled and that makes it extra difficult to keep up with your yaaas-buying-marathon, but it will hopefully be back by February.


It is based on fermented almonds. It also contains garlic and fine herbs. We assume you're familiar with that taste pallet?


This yaaas has a bottom-of-your-fridge life of about 14 days. Yes, really, please do keep it in the salad drawer (if there's still place next to your grass) because that's the coolest place. Oh and please refrain from freezing it. It's named something other that Elsa for a reason. The yaaas weighs about 140 grams.


N.B .: This yaaas (and the other spreadings from the Christmas package) tend continue fermenting a little. So please don't be alarmed if it smells a bit sour! Bring along your friends Salty and Sweetie and ask them to balance it out a bit. And, yes, technically, we could fix this. However, that would ruin all the good bacteria that we've created and it will make your belly cry, so we'd rather not.