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package deal XXL - white bloomy rind yaaas

€ 38,00 € 32,00

ORDER BEFORE 28 JANUARY 2020 TO BE CERTAIN OF SHIPPING ON 11 FEBRUARY (in time for Valentine's 14/2/'20).


This package is nearly identical to the other XXL one. The difference is that this one contains the white bloomy rind yaaas rather than the fondue. The former I make once a month. More info on deadlines and shipping can be found here.


For the XXL package deal you can choose between:


1. white bloomy rind yaaas

2. white bloomy smeerkees: original flavour OR triple garlic OR wild garlic pesto

3. smeerkees: cranberry/orange zest OR triple garlic

4&5. 2 hard yaaas': stem ginger, Friesian clove, drunk (from a port bath), drunk Friesian clove, coriander seeds, cumin seeeds, cranberry compote

6. parma