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Christmas box - Vegan Flore & Plantbeest

€ 40,00

Collaboration between Vegan Flore & Plantbeest.

  • 1x white mouldy rind yaaas. A decadent yaaas with an authentic, snow white, fluffy crust. Now nut free as well as organic with a pea-protein base!
  • 1x smeerkees (cream yaaas). Wide variety of flavours. For starters, it may be based on cashews, sunflower seeds or almonds. In terms of tasty toppings, think: caramel-nuts; cranberry-orange; calvados-cranberry-orange, beet-horse radish; figs and crème de cassis; dates and za'atar; etc.
  • 2x hard yaaas', In addition to our usual cumin and coriander seed ones, we make lots of extra flavours for this. Think: stem ginger, Friesian clove, fenugreek, drunk ones fermented in red wine, etc.
  • 2x dried sausage. Yes, we at Plantbeest have indeed created a plantbased dried sausage. It's based on mushrooms and wheat. They are then flavoured strongly with herbs and spices to create a whole bunch of varieties: chorizo, salami milano and fennel, for example.
  • 2x pâté. This creamy pate based on rice comes in a variety of flavours, such as Italian herbs/olive; à la Bourguignon with Cognac; porcini/sherry and more.
  • 1x mixed nuts. A crunchy salted mix spiced with rosemary, cayenne pepper, garlic and cinnamon. Sweet and spicy makes an impressive addition to the platter.
  • 1x meatballs. Small meatballs based on soy and wheat, glazed in a cranberry sauce that's the perfect balance between sweet and heat.